Calakmul Mayan Ruins

The 27 June of 2002 Calakmul was named by the General Council of UNESCO Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The declaration was made in Budapest, Hungary and in this event wasthe chiefof the INAH, Sergio Raul Stream; governor, Jose Antonio González Curi; the director of the archaeological project of Calakmul, Ramon Carrasco Vargas; the representative of the Icomos in Mexico, Daniel González Spencer, and the mayor of Calakmul, Epifanio Hernandez Cervantes.

With this Logwood one becomes the sixth Mexican organization with two cultural patrimonies of the humanity Oaxaca along with, City of Mexico, Yucatan, State of Mexico and Veracruz and in the first state of the Peninsula with a colonial center and a Mayan city with that title of UNESCO.

Calakmul is an excellent example of a significant stage of slumses. Inhabited Mayan capital during 12 centuries, pre-Hispanic city of Calakmul nailed in the heat of heart of theforest of the south of the State. According to archaeologists of the INAH, along with Tikal, Guatemala, Calakmul were one of the capital cities of the Mayan region during 12 centuries, with the power of its governors.

Calakmul Offers monuments exceptionally preserved, excellent example of the Mayan culture. From this site was discovered and the first official report of its existence, done by the Biól. Cirus Lundell in 1931, Calakmul - Mayan word that means "between adjacent hills" - Calakmul cause admiration between their own and strangestructures, because they do not have the minimum interference with other people's cultures.

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Calakmul Mayan RuinsCalakmul Mayan RuinsCalakmul Mayan RuinsCalakmul Mayan RuinsCalakmul Mayan RuinsCalakmul Mayan Ruins