Mayan Prophecies

Mayan Prophecies, Mayan Calendar

Mayan Prophecies Much has been said in recent years about the Mayan Prophecies, say that the end of the world is near, and as we approach that date, the uncertainty grows ... but what do they mean in reality these prophecies?, do you really predict the end of human life or is a double message to interpret? In such prophecies spoken about the born of a five sun , according to a stele found in the archaeological site El Tortuguero, located in the state of Tabasco, The 5o Sun begin on 21 December 2012.

This deduction comes from the interpretation that has been given to the ancient Mayan calendar long count. This new Sun symbolize the end of an era and the beginning of a new, being the total destruction of the access key reconstruction beginning from zero, in, a new life. The above are the suns that have marked the biggest changes in civilization, with the extinction of the dinosaurs to the prehistory and the beginning of our era. It is known that the Maya were great weather gauges, which were governed by three calendars, the Tzolkin, the Haab and the Long Count calendar, the latter indicates the end of its cycle, the end of an era. The above schedule sets its inception in 3114. C.

The Long Count calendar, set cycles where their term is left a stone stele indicating such change and the date it occurred and the amount of days that elapsed before coming to an end. When you do the math and see how necessary are fulfilled one by one the prophecies stipulated by these wise men, it is believed that, in addition to being a prophecy fulfilled only, likewise being finalized within days stipulated in the last wake. The sum of the numbers listed in the wake, results on December 21, 2012 as the day calendar to come.

All these speculations are all aware of this date with the latest prophecy pointing to the last day of the long count in heaven would see a series of shots by the sun king, which would cause the destruction of our era and mark the end of the calendar. Lacking other was already registered by the Maya, has created the idea that this would indeed be the end of time and life, since there would be no way to count the days. Scientists and astrologers have concluded, after a series of research focused on this belief, that these prophecies are a metaphorical way of noting that while the world has changed and although this was eventually refers not only to the change in our attitudes and way of life. That is, if the six previous prophecies were enforced equally interpretative what would happen in this 2012.

There was talk of that change in the way of living in society of man in 1999, shortly after the internet came and with it social networks have indeed managed to man's social relations have changed, allowing a form of communication and real time efficient but equally distant and isolated somewhat unlike direct communication and fed. In this long journey in trying to interpret that message from our ancestors, we find positivist visions as well as some not so encouraging, of which draws some conclusions. While some say in effect to a large solar radiation through a few years ago, as mentioned by one of the six prophecies, is large shadow filled moments of darkness to countries after this shadow war have been found to Today, it is also said that on the plus side it was just a warning that is in our hands let us plunge

Into darkness or go in search of light. Likewise, it is thought that the latter is correct prophecy while marking the end of an era, is in each of us to decide if it's the end of our world, the end of a long period of selfishness, of destruction because of human unconsciousness by not preserving our environment, and the opportunity to find in this new sun A new life, that is, this date would only be a symbolic reference to start a new way of seeing the world, we would enter a new world. On December 22, begin a new era, a new opportunity to correct our mistakes and thus the possibility of also giving Mother Nature a new hope of life and society a very good chance to live with harmony .All itself synchronized with regeneration of the Sun that while it undergoes its time of renewal. Some other versions boast somewhat apocalyptic to say this dazzling sparkle of the sun will cause a damage of the same magnitude as the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, as many point to the arrival of the apocalypse envisioned by San Juan in which we finally tried and only a few will be saved. The only certainty is that we will not know what really happen until live it up to be there until the awaited day while feared arrives.