Sr. Frogs, Mexican CaribbeanLocated on the famous Kukulcan Blvd, in the heart of Cancun's Nightclub district, it attracts thousands of tourists every night. Its architecture recreates a mysterious a cavern . A magical atmosphere heightens all senses with state of the art lighting and sound, blasts of CO2 effects, three dimensional.


Sr Frogs

Sr. Frogs, Mexican CaribbeanIts the right place to get into the extreeme party. If you want to meet people, dance, have a great food and beer, go to sr frogs, you will never forget this experience.


The City

The City is the newest nightclub in Cancun. Opened on Jan 29 2004 The City Cancun is a massive place, the venue including beach area which is open in the day time is capable of holding up thousands of guests.The City was created and developed by a group of businessmen looking.