The Day of the Dead in Mexico, is a very special celebration where people honor their dead relatives  with gifts and all kinds of food. The  Xcaret park in the Riviera Maya,  Quintana Roo, Mexico built a beautiful and colorful pantheon  for this important  celebration.

This year from 30 October to 2 November it celebrates with presentations with the  renowned Mexican actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso, and the tenor Fernando de la Mora. Plus, enjoy the  color that brings the state of Michoacan, one of the most representative of Mexico, land of the monarch butterfly  and the most recognized state for maintain the original rituals of the celebration of the Night of the Dead.  

The Xcaret  park offers  his folkloric ballet presentations, indulge yourself in the scent of copal in  their altars, feels every note of the songs of the  pirekuas and the delicious cuisine, both World Heritage

The festival of life and death in Xcaret catches the attention of hundreds of tourists from around the world every year, because it restores the traditions of these days with the participation of the people, the Maya people and artists.

La  Calaca, la  Parca, la  Huesuda, la  Flaca, la Catrina are  words to say the  ways in which Mexicans refer to death, Enjoy one of  the oldest traditions of our country: the Day of the Dead.

You can only purchase tickets for this event in the park from 4pm and includes reserved seats for the events of this celebration.