Legend says the Mayan gods pooled their wisdom, dreams and love of beauty to create a place where the best of the Caribbean nature came together. The ancient Mayans called the area Xel-Há: "where the water is born".

Xel-Ha, Mexican Caribbean

This tropical park is a place of unimaginable beauty, where a turquoise lagoon, a river with a gentle current and an exuberant jungle get together to comprise a unique landscape by the sea. You just need to step into its jungle to find ancient Mayan cenotes.

Xel-Há is a natural aquarium of a beauty that is unique in the world; discover its magic with your mask and snorkel, relax as you swim amongst hundreds of multicolored fish that have made their home at the river and the lagoon. 

The emerald green of the jungle surrounds the river and the lagoon at Xel-Há to create an exotic view, hard to find anywhere else. You can explore this beautiful place on foot, bicycle or taking a ride on its mini-train, while enjoying the different species of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Xel-Ha, Mexican Caribbean

Xel-Há is a universe dedicated to the environment and to the preservation of the native flora and fauna. Within the park you will find a turtle camp, a dolphin aquarium and an apiary, where the preservation of the species is promoted in order to contribute to the awareness and environmental maintenance of the area. If you take the all-inclusive option at the park, you will be entitled to take an environmental tour and will be able to learn more about the nature of this beautiful place.

Xel-Há is just a few minutes away from the mysterious ruins of Tulum, the only walled Mayan city located by the ocean. Due to its closeness to Xel-Há, it is ideal to visit both places on the same day.


Swimming or snorkeling in the inlet, pleasantly navigating the river; sunbathing or taking a beach stroll; walking the many different paths and entering into the jungle; admiring the cenotes; uncovering the ancient wall of the Mayan port; discovering the variety of fish, birds, butterflies, iguanas, macaws, ducks, etc.

Xel-Ha, Mexican Caribbean

You can also enjoy other activities such as swimming with the dolphins, getting to know our Aquatic Institute while enjoying exciting underwater adventures from tank-less diving (Snuba), the snorkeling tour, or even walking under the water with a helmet (Sea Trek).


Stores, restaurants, ATM, wheelchairs and strollers (for rent and subject to availability), restrooms, showers and kiddy area.

Xel-Ha, Mexican Caribbean


Xel-Há is located in México, 110 kilometers from Cancun and 39 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya, right of the Cancun -Tulum Highway.


To get to Xel-Há, you can rent a car, take a bus from the Main Bus Station in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, take a taxi or hire the services of a travel agency offering the single-day Tulum - Xel-Há tour. If you take a bus, we have transportation that will take you from the highway all the way to the entrance of the park.